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Who am I
I am a Technical Game Designer Generalist with eight years of Game Development experience. I have during that time gotten experience in several aspects of it such as Game, Level and Narrative Design, Unreal Engine 4, Unity, C++ and C# as well as Networking and Physics using UE4. 


I currently work as a Technical Designer at NAG Studios where I primarily work with implementing New physics-based Mechanics and Interactables, making sure they feel good to play and Replicate as intended for Clients and Spectators. I also do alot of UI implementation such as Indicators for the Mechanics and Game Mode related UI as well as many many other things here and there.

What have I done

I have a Bachelors Degree in Game Design and Scripting from Södertörns University and a Game Design Degree from Futuregames Polytechnic School, which was rated the Second Best Game Design School in the world by The Rookies a couple of years ago.
I did my Futuregames internship at Coffee Stain North as a Technical Designer for Goat Simulator 3 where my main responsibilities was implementing Events, Cutscenes, Mini Games as well as Physics Interactables with Replication.

What am I

I consider myself as a Generalist since I often play a large part in many areas such as Conceptualizing and Scripting Mechanics, Interactables and Puzzle Components, then implementing them into a level I have designed, as well as making Cutscenes and scripting Back-End systems.
This has given me a very wide skill set which can make me applicable for several roles within both Design and Tech departments where I can give valuable input and ideas to both.

I enjoy travelling and seeing different cultures, meeting new people and just trying new things. I have a very social life and enjoy spending time with my friends and making them happy and is often the one getting everyone together when we go out. 


Awards & Nominations

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