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Who am I
I am a Tech Designer & Gameplay Programmer with nine years of Game Development experience within areas such as Game, Level and Narrative Design, Unreal Engine and C++ with focus on Mechanics, Physics and Multiplayer. 

I am most likely known for my Runtime Vertex Color Paint & Detection Plugin which i released a while back and continue to work on to this day, which is made purely in code. 

I currently work as a Tech Designer/Programmer at Modoyo Studios on a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where I am involved with almost every aspect of the game such as the Game Mode, First Person Mechanics, Movement Mechanics, Abilities and Physics Based Interactables. I also do a bit of UI such as Maps, on screen UI indicators, Chat systems as well as Game Mode related UX such as Intermission Screens. Alot of bug fixing and performance as well where I make sure we profile, analyze and fix any issues that is costing to much performance. 
Lately I have been working almost entirely with C++ as well as systems get locked down in code. 

What have I done

I have a Bachelors Degree in Game Design and Scripting from Södertörns University and a Game Design Degree from Futuregames Polytechnic School.
I did my Futuregames internship at Coffee Stain North as a Technical Designer for Goat Simulator 3 where my main responsibilities was implementing Events, Cutscenes, Mini Games as well as Physics Based Interactables with Replication.

What am I

I consider myself as a Generalist since I often play a large part in many areas such as Conceptualizing and Scripting Mechanics, Interactables and Puzzle Components, then implementing them into a level I have designed, as well as making Cutscenes and scripting Back-End systems.
I think this has given me a wide skill set which can make me applicable for several roles within both Design and Tech departments where I can give valuable input and ideas to both.

I enjoy travelling and seeing different cultures, meeting new people and just trying new things. I have a very social life and enjoy spending time with my friends and making them happy and is often the one getting everyone together when we go out. 


Awards & Nominations

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