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Miscellaneous Work


Portal Prototype

Development Time: 2.5 Week, 4h Days


Click Here to download the executable. 

  • The Protoype was made almost entirely in Blueprint and is based off of This C++ Tutorial but with much more added functionality such as being able to spawn portals on walls, valid checks for the spawn, being able to move through portals when they're on surfaces etc. 

  • Features three tutorial levels that introduces the portal mechanic with simple puzzle components such as a Cube, Floor Switch and a Door. The focus here was mostly on the mechanic and the levels where just added in as a bonus. 


Showcase of Portal Prototype

Swing & Reel Prototype

Development Time: 2.5 Days


Gameplay Programming

Click Here to download the executable. 

  • About 90% made in C++ and with the rest is easily transferable to C++. 

  • Swing Mechanic where the player can in the air hook to a Swing Point and swing from it and effect the momentum with input.  

  • Reel Mechanic where the player from the ground or air can Hook to a Reel Point from a great distance and reel straight to it and get a boost of velocity as they reach it. 

  • Interaction System using interfaces where different types of interactable types can have different interactable Minimum and Maximum Range using one trace. 


Showcase of Swing & Reel

Hook & Tether Prototype

Development Time: 3 Weeks


Gameplay Scripting

  • The player can Hook and Tether puzzle components and NPCs together for a lot of potential Emergent Gameplay solutions to puzzles. 

  • The Cable itself can be interacted with to knock over Enemies or bounce on.

  • Served as the foundation for a 4 week project in Futuregames which turned into Nim. Unfortunately it turned out to be too difficult to make the puzzle components fit and work art-wise so almost everything had to be cut. 


Mechanic & Puzzle Components

Adventure Game Prototype



3 Character Control System, Inventory System, Camera

  • 3 Character Control System where each character can be given a command such as walking or picking up something independent from eachother. 

  • Inventory System where each character have their own inventory of items that they've picked up, they can also give them to eachother. The system also supports Saving and Loading where the characters will get the same items they had when loading. 

  • Camera System where the camera will focus on the character that enters its trigger so when the player switches to that character, the correct camera will be switched and will already be looking at the character. 


Inventory System

Development Time: 5 Days


Click Here to view  the Documentation & Controls.

Click Here to Download Executable.

  • Inventory System similar to Breath of the Wild where it is a sub menu inside of the pause menu. The player can quickly scroll through the slot pages using the scroll wheel when hovering over it, or click on the slot page they want to go to. 

  • Inventory Features Sub menus for the different Types of Items such as Weapons, Shields, Armor and Materials. 

  •  Slot pages can have different amount of slots. More can be added in runtime, for instance if the player gets a Power-up. The slot pages automatically sorts every time it opens. 

  • Items each have their own Prefabs and class that inherit from an Item Base class, so custom logic can be added. 

  • The Item Manager automatically gets all available Item prefabs from a folder and sorts them so we can easily get an items information by its ID, such as what prefab that needs to spawn, what type etc. 


NOTE the Items are merely place holders

Level Designs

Avatar - Game & Mission Design
Development Time: 10 Days



  • For a Level Design Assignment at Futuregames we got assigned to make a level, I revised a mission set in the Avatar universe that I had done years prior as a Work Sample for Massive and implemented the revised High-Level design into the engine. 

  • Researched and Concepted the Player Mechanics, the Creature Abilities and their Balance vs Mechs/Humans, the Economy and Crafting as well as wrote the Premise that gave a lot of direction to how the Level Design was shaped. 

  • The Level is Designed to be able to be entered from any direction. No matter which one you always have sight line to 1 of the goals on that side, to not overwhelm the player with quest markers as it can diminish the sense of exploration. 

  • Goals are gradually revealed on the way to one, or to another side of the base. At a goal you always have sight line to the adjacent goal, which can naturally guide the player around the base as they always have a goal to go toward. 

  • Two Landmarks, a small mountain and a ship, that are located at the opposite side of the islands from one another and can be used by the player to more easily orient themselves.  


Overview and Sight Line from Each Tower Screenshots

High-Level Design

Abandoned Factory - First-Person Multiplayer Deathmatch Level
Development Time: 15 Hours



  • For a Level Design Assignment at Futuregames Game Engine Course we where tasked to make a good looking level using Marketplace Assets. 

  • I challenged myself to do a speed level design of a FPS Multiplayer Deathmatch Level, to get experience of doing something in a very short time which you may be tasked to do on a Level Design Work Sample. 

  • The Design itself is quite simple with two warehouses on the sides, if a team can take control of either then they are rewarded with a flank against the other team. In the middle we have some more verticality, if a player can take control of the high-ground they can get catch the enemy off guard if they can make it to the the other side, with the downsize of them being more exposed. 
    The key to a successful attack would be coordinated attacks on the flanks and the middle from the low and high ground. 

  • The Level currently only suits Deathmatch, but could with minimal changes be made to work with Capture the Flag and Bomb/Defuse as well if the target location is in the middle. 


Small Projects

King Game Jam

Hook A Gnome

Development Time: 2 Days


Design, Game Play Programming


  • A 1v1 game where the players Fish for Partners and inherit the facial traist of that partner, the first to get the ideal face wins. 

  • The Goal was to have casual appeal that could be ported to mobile easy which we afterwards did. 

  • I made the Main Fishing Mechanic, the Characters Movements as well as the Android Integration. 

  • Made with a team of four at King Game Jam 2018 event where the theme was Evolution and it won three out of the four local awards which was Most Creative, Most Fun and Best UX Design. 


Dice Work Sample

Development Time: 7 Days


Sound Design by: Joakim Johansson

Design, Game Play Scripting


  • The First Work Sample I ever did back in 2016 in Unreal Engine 4 when I was still pretty new to it.

  • Focused a lot on atmosphere, pacing and mood to make the small sample feel like something real. 

  • Even though I am unhappy about the level design itself, I learned a lot about prioritizing your time. In this case I spent way to much time on the technical side and didn't have time to complete or revise the level design and incorporate some environmental story pieces. 


Playthrough of the entire game. 


Development Time: 8 Weeks


Team Size: 7

Sound Design by: Joakim Johansson

Game & Level Design, Game Play Scripting

  • 2 Character 2.5D Puzzle Shadow Platformer where one of the characters is a Shadow that can only move on other Shadows. Together they have to manipulate objects and their shadows to traverse the environment. 

  • My First Unreal Engine 4 Project that I made with 6 other students. I was a Key Factor as I came up with the Concept and Design where i was inspired by games such as Lost in Shadow. 

  • Programmed about 75% of the game such as the Puzzle Components and Character Interaction, Animation Implementation & Back-End. 


Playthrough of the entire game. 


Shoot the Cabra

Development Time: 1 Week


Team Size: 4

Game Design, Back-End & Gameplay Scripting

  • For a short 1 week project at Futuregames we made an asynchronous game where 3 players try to hunt down and shoot a Chupacabra that tries to eat their sheep.

  • Made pretty much the entire Back-End with the menus, player join logic, the score system as well as the camera, the characters movement and rotation, the Shooting Mechanic and a bunch of other small things here and there. 

Show case of a play session we the developers had


Timmy and the Lost Treasure

Development Time: 1 Week


Team Size: 4

Camera, Mechanics, Collectibles, Checkpoint System, Controls, Elevator 

  • Straight up Crash Bandicoot Ripoff but thought we got pretty good polish for such a short amount of time.


Old Projects

Old Unity Projects

Compilation of Very Old Projects when I used Unity as my Primary Engine

Degrees and papers
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