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Role: Technical Level Designer

Development Time: 4 Weeks (2019)

Tools: Unreal Engine 4

Team: 12


  • Tutorial Level

  • Opening and End Cinematic

  • Initial Prototype



Nim is a Third-Person Puzzle Platformer with a Hook and Tethering Mechanic where the player can Tether Physics based Objects together in conjunction with a Swing Mechanic in order to traverse the environment. 

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Hook and Swing 

Swing Across gaps.

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Hook and Tether

Tether certain objects to anything in the environment.

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Slow Motion

Slow Down Time to easier Hook while flying fast

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Tutorial Level Design

Tutorial Level

Tutorial Play Through
Complete Play through of the Entire game available Here

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Starting Area

The Vista

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Introduction to Swing

Introduction to Tethering

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Introduction to Slow-Motion

Ends with the Culmination of All Mechanics

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The Cinematics are made in Unreal Engine 4's Sequencer.

Opening Cinematic

The Intro to the World


The Intro to the Character

The Intro to the Main Goal


End Cinematic

(The End Cinematic doesn't have SFX or Music yet)
Utilizing the Healing Effect to transition from Sick to Healed Tree

The Goal of the Cut Scene

The Prototype

The Prototype

  • The player can Hook and Tether puzzle components and NPCs together for a lot of potential Emergent Gameplay solutions to puzzles. 

  • The Cable itself can be interacted with to knock over Enemies or bounce on.

  • Served as the foundation for the project. 
    Unfortunately it turned out to be too difficult to make the puzzle components fit and work art-wise so almost everything had to be cut.

Mechanics & Puzzle Components
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