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Goat Simulator 3

Role: Technical Designer Intern

Development Time: In Development

Tools:  Unreal Engine 4, Perforce, Unreal Game Sync

Team: 20+


  • Event Design, Cut scenes, Implementation and Replication setup for Current and Late joining Client. 

  • Advanced Physics Interactables with Replication

  • Mini Games

  • Play testing & Bugfixing

LinkedIn Recommendations

Santiago Ferrero - Creative Director
​"Alex is a really driven developer, extremely knowledgeable in UE4 Blueprints and is always looking for new tools or new ways to achieve a certain outcome. He takes his tasks seriously and always tries to deliver the best quality possible regardless of the task. Alex is also very knowledgeable in UE4 sequencer and seems to have a cinematic eye."

Sebastian Zethraeus - Producer
"During his internship at Coffee Stain North, Alexander has applied himself very well and has had a steady learning curve. He has worked with interactable assets, mission events and shown especially great promise when working with network replication and sequence cutscenes. He has contributed with his own ideas and opinions in a professional manner and has added some very interesting ideas in the project.

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