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Modoyo Studios
Unannounced First Person Shooter Multiplayer Project

Role: Technical Designer

Development Time: In Development

Tools:  Unreal Engine 5, Visual Studio, Perforce

Team: 30+


  • Physics Based Mechanics and Physics Interactables

  • UI Implementation for Mechanics and Game Modes.

  • Bug Fixing and Performance.

I have primarily worked with implementing New physics-based Mechanics and Interactables in Blueprint, making sure they feel good to play and Replicate as intended for Clients and Spectators, as well as new iterations for the Game Mode along with the Programmers. 

I also do some UI implementation such as Indicators for the Mechanics and Game Mode related UI as well.

Also alot of bug and performance fixing where I make sure we profile and then analyze it afterwards and try to save ms here and there as much as possible. 

Lately I am working more and more in C++ as well as we're locking systems down, so about 50% of my time is mostly spent in code now. 

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