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Time Manipulation Plugin

Estimated Release: To Be Announced


The C++ Based Plugin that powers Project C that allows a Player to Slow, Pause and Rewind the Flow of Time and affect actors that carries the Time Manipulation Component. 

Is designed to be user friendly so anyone can use it when designing levels, simply drop the Time Manipulation Component onto actors or characters that should get affected and setup the Time Manipulation Input on the Player Controller and it is good to go. Its default settings are catered to Static Mesh Actors, so you don't need to make a lot of Meshes into Blueprints in order for them to get affected. 

Cube Interactions

The C++ Code can be overridden if you want to customize how it should behave when it stores data, gets paused or rewinded, for example if you want to be able to pick up an actor while paused. 
In this instance you can pick it up while it is paused and change its rotation and its velocity will rotate as you'd expect. The cube also gets spawned and destroyed and have VFX that gets set accordingly. 

The Plugin can run things not physics related as well such as these Cube Spawners which uses it to determine their rotation, VFX and when to spawn the cubes

Cube Spawners

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