Vertex Data Detection Plugin

Estimated Release: Spring 2021


This Plugin allows the user to store Vertex Data such as their Color, Position and Normal for access in Packaged Projects without the need to have a C++ Project with alterations to the Source. 

This can be highly useful if the project is using a lot of Meshes with Vertex Painted Colors where you have different surfaces painted on a Mesh. This plugin allows you to Setup and Detect the Surface on a vertex and get it in native EPhysicsSurface or String type with a float values on how much is painted for each Surface. 
This can be used to for example blend VFX or SFX in UE4 or Third Party Programs like WWise with RTCPs. 

The Data Stored can be customized heavily so the user can optimize as much as possible to their solution, for example if they only want to access the Normal Data and not Color.